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PLB and AIS Beacons

If you end up in the water, stay safe with our Man Overboard (MOB) range including personal locator beacons (PLB) and automatic identification system (AIS) beacons. While your marine PLB will alert search and rescue teams and services of your location to get you to safety, your AIS helps your vessel’s crew and nearby craft pinpoint your location.

Our handpicked range of waterproof PLB include the recently upgraded McMurdo FastFind 220 and the world’s smallest PLB, the Ocean Signal PLB1 – both great options whether you need a PLB for sailing, kayaking or hiking. Our AIS include the Ocean Signal MOB1, a combined AIS DSC which has been designed for Spinlock lifejackets.

To ensure your craft is found quickly in an emergency situation, check out our extensive range of EPIRB.