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McMurdo Fastfind Return Link PLB

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McMurdo Fastfind 220 V2 PLB with ReturnLink – A PLB that now tells you that your distress signal has actually been received. It does this by means of a small blue flashing light, giving you complete reassurance in an emergency situation.

A new type of lifesaving distress beacon, the FastFind ReturnLink PLB, utilises unique functionality generated by Galileo satellite constellations Return Link Service to send a signal back to the FastFind ReturnLink beacon confirming the users 406MHz distress alert has been received and Galileo GNSS location coordinates have been detected. The FastFind RLS is built to last and backed up by a 5 year warranty (registration required).

Key Features

RLS: the first of a new range of SAR beacons that receive a reassurance signal confirming distress alert and location have been received by the search and rescue authorities
Multi Constellation GNSS: Building on Orolia’s leadership in innovative location detection technology, FastFind Returnlink incorporates both Galileo and GPS GNSS services
Multiple Attach Points: PLB come with belt attachable buoyancy pouch and life jacket oral tube clip attachments
Floats: with provided buoyancy pouch
Free to use: No subscription
Power Assurance: 5-year battery life*
Waterproof: to 10m
Lights: SOS Morse LED flash light & RLS Reassurance blue flashing light
Practical: Safe-stow antenna and 3 stage activation

*Transmit duration > 24 hours @ -20 °C (-4 °F) – At the end of the 5 years storage life, the beacon is guaranteed to transmit for at least 24 hours.

Please note: If you are not a UK customer you will need to have a PLB that is programmed for your country. At this time we can not program the Return Link PLB for registration on other countries. Please see the McMurdo 220 PLB if you require a PLB that can be programmed.

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