Hempel Silic One Propeller Kit

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What is Hempel Silic One?

Hempel Silic One is a biocide-free antifouling solution based on silicone and hydrogel. This gives the coating surface water-like properties, making it difficult for fouling organisms to attach and easy for them to be removed when the boat is in motion.

Pack includes: 1x Silic One Black 375ml, 1x Silic One Tie-coat 375ml

Please Note: Hempel Light Primer is not included in the pack and must be bought separately.


Do need to remove the old antifouling?
Yes, if the propeller is already painted with Antifoul it needs to be removed first.

Can I polish the propeller during the season?
No, you should not polish the propeller during the season, you can clean it with a soft sponge instead.

See Hempel’s Silic One application guide for more information.

For new or bare propellers

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