Hempel Light Primer Undercoat

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Hempel Light Primer Undercoat


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Blakes Hempel's Light Primer Undercoat is a two pack, high build, solvent based primer and undercoat for the protection of all substrates above and below the waterline. Particularly suitable for aluminium and as a primer for keels and rudders.

Preparation & Applications:
  • Ensure all surfaces are clean, oil free and dry.
  • Clean with Degreaser or Surface Cleaner.
  • Stir all products well before use.
  • If overcoating times are exceeded, abrade the surface and wash off with fresh water.

    On a previously coated surface:
    • 1. Abrade to remove loose matter and provide a suitable key.
    • 2. Wash surface with fresh water and allow to dry.
    • 3. Apply Epoxy Primer Undercoat as required, followed by the relevant topcoat.

    On a previously uncoated surface:
    • Prime porous surfaces with one coat of Epoxy Primer Undercoat thinned 20% with Thinners No.5.
    • Then apply 5 coats or Epoxy Primer Undercoat before applying the required top coat or tie coat.
    • Thinners can be added to assist application under certain conditions.

    • Mix ratio is 2 parts base to 1 part curing agent by volume.
    • Thoroughly mix the base, add the curing agent and stir well.
    • For best results allow mixed paint to rest for several minutes before use to allow air bubbles to escape.
    • Application method: Brush/ Roller/ Pad/ Spray.
    • Thinners & Tool Cleaner: Thinners No.5 (brush/ roller/ pad) up to 10%, (spray) up to 40%.
    • Coverage: 8.5m/ 1L.
    • Minimum application temperature: 5C- 40C.
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