The Best Sailing Jackets

Investing in a good quality sailing jacket is a necessity for all sailors. When you are out on the water, you are relentlessly exposed to the elements, so ensuring that you choose a sailing jacket that is able to stand up to the relentless wind, rain and sun needs to be a top priority. Therefore, choosing the best sailing jacket for your specific type of sailing or season is essential. However, this can often be a challenge, which is why we have put together the best sailing jackets for different types of sailing that cater for a range of budgets.

Best Offshore Sailing Jackets

Whether you are planning your maiden voyage out on the sea or if you consider yourself to be an experienced offshore sailor, ensuring that you have a good quality offshore sailing jacket is essential. Offshore jackets are required to protect you in the harshest conditions and so tend to cost more than inshore jackets, however you are afforded a lot more functionality.

Best Offshore Sailing Jackets Under £350 For Men & Women

Men’s Musto BR2 Offshore Jacket

Musto is one of the best brands to consider when purchasing a sailing jacket. The Musto BR2 Offshore Jacket is ideal for those on a tighter budget but who do not want to sacrifice on quality. The men’s BR2 Offshore offers high levels of breathability and waterproofness, making it the ideal choice for those sailing in inclement weather.

There are also double cuffs, an adjustable hem and a double storm flap for higher levels of dryness. This is complemented by a technical fleece-lined collar to provide greater levels of warmth when out on the waves.


Women’s Musto BR2 Offshore Jacket

The women’s Musto BR2 offshore jacket offers the wearer high levels of comfort, visibility and protection. The bestselling range by Musto has long been favoured by sailors around the world and ensures that you will be storm-proof if out exposed to the elements. Both the collar and hood are fleece-lined to ensure that you are kept comfortable and warm in the colder weather. This women’s offshore jacket offers excellent value at under £250 and is an essential piece of offshore kit for both experienced and novice sailors.


Men’s Gill OS2 Offshore Jacket

The men’s Gill OS2 offshore jacket is a diverse offshore jacket that is suitable for both a day out at sea or an extended voyage. It has a double-layered laminate fabric to create a water and windproof protective shell. This is enhanced by a thermal collar to provide you with comfort and warmth when you need it the most. Moisture is wicked away from the skin thanks to the combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic technology to ensure full protection against the elements. 


Women’s Gill OS2 Offshore Jacket

The women’s Gill OS2 is a fully equipped women’s offshore jacket that has an array of technical features including a waterproof and windproof protective shell that is complemented with fully taped and laminated moisture-management technology. It is suitable on a day trip out on the waves or those embarking on an extended expedition and looking for an offshore jacket that they can rely on.


Best Offshore Sailing Jackets Under £700 For Men & Women

Men’s Musto MPX Gore-Tex Pro Offshore Jacket

The men’s Musto MPX Gore-Tex Pro Offshore jacket provides supreme levels of comfort with a 3-layer Gore-Text fabric to provide unrivalled waterproof protection while being breathable to ensure that you are comfortable in all weathers. These levels of comfort are enhanced by a heat retentive grid fleece-lined funnel and hood pod. The men’s Musto MPX Gore-Tex Pro is one of the best men’s offshore sailing jackets that you can buy and comes with a 250g reduction in weight compared to previous models.


Women’s Musto MPX Pro Offshore Jacket

As with the men’s version of the jacket, the women’s Musto MPX Pro is one of the best women’s offshore sailing jackets available. This sailing jacket offers the exceptional levels of quality that you have come to expect from a Musto MPX jacket but takes it to the next level and offers a new generation in offshore protection with reduced weight for enhanced freedom of movement when on deck. If you’re looking for a women’s offshore that you can rely on in even the toughest of elements, this is the best women’s sailing jacket for you.


Best Inshore Sailing Jackets

Inshore jackets are designed to be worn when you are in port or on land and require a sailing jacket that is fully waterproof yet versatile. This type of sailing jacket tends to be slightly more stylish than offshore jackets, but they still offer the wearer strong levels of protection when exposed to the elements.

Best Inshore Sailing Jackets Under £200 For Men & Women

Men’s Musto BR1 Inshore Jacket

The men’s Musto BR1 is the best budget inshore sailing jacket for men that does not compromise on quality. It’s the perfect jacket for daily sailing out on the coast and inshore; it is strong and durable enough to offer you the wind and waterproof protection you require. It features an integrated rollaway hood to protect you from the rain and spray when out on the water. There is also a mesh lining and fleece-lined collar to offer you comfort and warmth when it turns a touch colder. This inshore men’s jacket is stylish enough to wear both on-deck and when out for the day in the city.

Women’s Musto BR1 Inshore Jacket

The women’s version of the B1 Inshore jacket (2019) also provides the strong levels of protection seen in the men’s version thanks to Musto’s BR1 standard, which ensures that this women’s inshore jacket will withstand persistent downpours of rain. The jacket is mesh lined to provide high levels of comfort against the skin and provides improved air circulation to help keep you comfortable on deck.