Stormsure Glue Flexible Repair Adhesive 15g

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Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive. Permanent, flexible, waterproof repairs. Stormsure Adhesive will make a patchless flexible and waterproof repair on most materials. Strong, yet flexible it is ideal for making waterproof repairs on wet suits, Wellington Boots, Waders, Diving Suits, sailing kit, bag seams, leather clothing and Tents.

Stormsure works well on natural and man-made fabrics, leather, rubber, nylon, PVC, polyurethane, neoprene, fibre glass, wood, metals, and most plastics.

Features include:

  • Fix leaks and holes in boots, waders and shoes.
  • Watertight repairs to wetsuits and drysuits.
  • Mend rips and leaks in tents, groundsheets etc.
  • Fix airbeds, paddling pools and inflatable toys.
  • Repair leaks and rips in waterproof clothing.
  • Mend leather tack, horse blankets and straps.
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    Port Solent