On the 15th of June, the 93rd Round The Island Race will be here! See below for what you’ll need to be best prepared to tackle any situation you, or your crew, may encounter! We’ve got you covered for all things: safety, clothing, communication and more!

What To Wear

Versatility is key when preparing what you’ll wear when racing. There are many factors to consider: temperature change, weather conditions, how cold/warm you get as an individual etc. It is important to use a ‘layering’ approach as your call to action when deciding your clothing. See below for the products you can use to give you maximum comfort and performance.


It is a requirement for every boat in any class to carry lifejackets with crotch or thigh straps for every crew member onboard. If the code flag ‘Y’ (Yankee) is flying you must wear your lifejacket while afloat and for the duration of the Race. All our lifejackets meet the required buoyancy regulations (150N minimum) for the Round The Island Race.

VHF Radio’s

VHF units are essential for any participants in the Round The Island Race. You should use Channel 22 for information and progress regarding the race. If you are able to, use your unit on low power settings unless you are in distress. A good idea is to also have a handheld VHF unit as a backup device as a precaution.

Safety Beacons

There are no rules to have/use any safety beacons during the Round The Island Race, but for those who are looking to take their safety precautions to the next level, having a safety beacon is a great idea!