International Micron 300 Dark Grey

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Micron 300 is a premium antifouling, offering outstanding 2-year protection in all conditions (When applying 3 coats). A new formulation ensures truer colours, while Self-Polishing Copolymer technology delivers consistent performance.


  • Self-polishes for consistent protection even while stationary
  • Outstanding performance in all conditions
  • Quick-drying, easy to apply and extremely durable

Technical Data Excerpt

  • Suitable for below the waterline: Hull
  • Type of Antifouling: Ablative
  • Suitable Water Types: Sea Water, Fresh Water, Brackish Water
  • Substrates: Cast Iron, GRP/FRP, Lead, Steel, Wood
  • Suitable for aluminium propellers: No

Application Method

  • Recommended Number of Coats: 1-2 (Airless Spray), 2-3 (Brush/Roller)
  • Practical Coverage (m²/L): 4.00 (Airless Spray), 9.00 (Brush/Roller)

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