Rule 800 Shower Drain Kit 24V

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Shower sump pump 24 volt DC

Connections: For 19mm (3/4″), 25mm (1″) or 29mm (1 1/8″) bore hose on inlet and outlet. Straight or 90º Elbow

Dimensions: 230mm x 240mm x 130mm high.

Fuse Size: 4(amp)

Output: 50 litres/minute (11 gallons/minute). Max recommended discharge head 2.5m

Contains Rule 800 Submersible

Pump controlled by a Rule-a-Matic float switch

Clip in, removable pump, strainer and cover allows easy cleaning and servicing.

Sealed clear screw-down cover.

Integral non-return valve.

Ignition protected.

Multi-port inlet.

Packaged Dimensions: L:26.00 x H:14.00 x W:35.00cm

Actual Weight: 1.60 Kg (Approx. 2.10 Kg packed)

Part Number
Port Solent