Tacktick Wind T101 Micronet System

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Tacktick Wind T101 Micronet System

RRP £1,000.00


Size: T101
Colour: Wind

Tacktick Wind T101 Micronet System. For the first time, you can have wind information without running cables down the mast. The Wind Transmitter measures Wind Speed and Direction and sends data to any Micronet display via wireless link. It can be fitted (simple three-screw attachment) with the mast in place and makes un-stepping the mast easy too. Calibration for wind speed and direction is done at any display.

Key Features include:
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • No Cables
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to expand system
  • Cost effective solution

    Multifunction digital analogue display for the Micronet system. Shows Apparent or True Wind Speed and Direction along with CH/VMG, GPS and Heading Information.
    Apparent Wind Speed/Angle
    Apparent Close-hauled Wind Speed/Angle
    True Wind Speed/Angle
    True Close-hauled Wind Speed/Angle
    True Wind Direction
    VMG to Wind
    Turn to Waypoint
    Locked Heading
    Tack Course
    Course Over Ground
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