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Hella Marine Naviled 360 All Round Lamps 2NM Green

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Hella Marine Naviled 360 All Round Lamps 2NM Green


RRP £89.95

£89.95  £80.96

Size: 2NM
Colour: Green



Single LED NaviLED«360 All Round Lamps are power saving and ultra reliable. New from Hella marine is a range of surface mount White, Red and Green all round lamps featuring ultra reliable power saving LED technology housed within a compact and robust base. Internationally approved 2 nautical miles Red and Green All Round lamps have been added to the range for survey and commercial applications. All lamp colours meet the 2 nautical mile requirements of IMO Colreg 72, USCG and RINA. They also carry ABYC A-16 and CE approvals. The new lamps draw less than 1.2W and use Hella marines advanced single LED technology. There are no filaments to break, making the lamps extremely shock, vibration and impact resistant. They are completely maintenance free. Hella marine Multivolt circuitry allows for consistent illumination and safety from 9 to 33 volts DC as well as reliability under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages. The Multivolt circuit board also provides reverse polarity, spike and over-voltage protection for an ultra long service life. Each lamp is pre-wired with twin core marine cable for reliable waterproof installations. Specification: Material Description: UV resistant, enhanced impact acrylic lens. Installation: Pre-wired with marine cable. Protective System: Completely sealed. Minimum visible Distance: 2 NM. Light Source: Single LED. Operating Voltage: MultivoltTM 9-33V DC. Voltage Protection: Spike protected to +200 volts. Over voltage protected to +200 volts. Reverse polarity protected to -500 volts. Power Consumption: Less than 2W. Dimensions: ě A 83mm x H 90mm
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