Navi Light 360- Magnetic

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Navi light 360° is a unique award winning design that combines water proof, 360 degree visibility super bright LED light and a double magnetic system, integrated into a compact shape that fits easily in your pocket. The double magnetic system means the light attaches everywhere, on your clothes, on your boat, inside a tent, to your car everywhere you need light, and as a rescue light it will give the exact position with intense emergency blink.

Navi light gives ultra strong light 360°, steady light as well as emergency flash. Navi light is made to be fastened almost everywhere, it is waterproof and will float if pulled from it its secondary magnetic fastening. The Navi light continues to shine for 30 hours on steady light and 5 days on emergency blink. Navi light is also very easy to use and can be operated by almost anyone of any age at any time, even with cold fingers! A child, in total darkness, can push the big ON/OFF button. All of this is integrated into a design small enough to carry Navi light in your pocket so you will always have access to light when you need it, making Navi light a unique lighting product.

NAVI Light 360º can be used as an independent light source while camping, or as an anchor light on a boat. It is an ideal light source for many recreational activities, and is extremely efficient in increasing your visibility in an emergency situation. NAVI Light 360º projects a high-intensity light while consuming little power. NAVI Light 360º is robust and waterproof and has a versatile magnetic attachment system.

Recreational boats have developed greatly over the last decade. Recreational boats have more horsepower today than ever before. Unfortunately, accidents have increased dramatically over the last years. High speed collisions after dark are more common these days, therefore your visibility on the water is of outmost importance – even if you are just going out kayaking to see the sunset.

The unique feature of NAVI Light 360º lies in its attachment system and its design. A magnetic attachment system makes it easy to snap on to your headwear. NAVI Light 360º enjoys unobstructed visibility due to its unique over-the-head location.

The unique over-the-head position allows for excellent visibility while maintaining your night vision which is of outmost importance while navigating a boat in darkness. The flexible attachment system can easily secure the lantern to other pieces of clothing if desired or onto the boat. Finally, its small size makes it easy to bring along in your pocket or store on your boat as a backup to your existing navigation lights.

NAVI Light 360º is made to be an emergency beacon in a Man Overboard (MOB) situation. The light will continue to work when you are in the water. Or if someone else falls into the water, you can throw it in after them, as a MOB marker. It will float light facing up! NAVI Light 360º will operate continuously for 24 hours or for 5 full days in flashing mode.

Technical specifications:

  • 16 Ultra bright LEDs
  • Burn Time: Constant light mode: 24-30 hours, Flashing light mode: 100-120 hours, Dim function (4 bulbs only)90-100 hrs


  • 155g (Unit including batteries and magnetic bracket)
  • 130g (Unit including batteries but without magnetic bracket) Unit floats

    Battery: 3 x AAA (Standard batteries) not supplied.

    Size Light: Diameter 68 mm, High 35 mm

  • Part Number
    Port Solent