Jonbuoy Rescue Sling Hard Case

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Jonbuoy Rescue Sling Hard Case



Size: JON3050




This innovative extension of the traditional MOB sling packs neatly into an easily stowable soft or hard case, adopting an approximate length of 510mm, diameter of 110mm and weight of 1.5kg. Velcro attachments allow for a versatile and easy fitting to any water based vessel, land based vehicle or fixture with a suitable strong point. Operation Whether mounted or stowed, in an emergency, simply attach the secure clip to a suitable strong point, open the container tube and pull out the compact sling pouch. Once the sling pouch is removed the sling is ready to be thrown. The uniquely designed cap to prevent accidental activation is now disconnected. The pouch bag encasing the sling allows an accurate throw to the casualty of up to 30 metres. Once in the water the casualty places their head and arms through the inflated sling providing reassuring bouyancy and visibility. The strength and design of the attached safety line enables the rescuers to ensure the casualty is manoeuvred alongside within minutes, allowing easy access back on board. If climbing aboard is not an option the sling can be used to lift the casualty out of the water. Having successfully recovered the casualty the sling can be rapidly re-armed and re-packed.
  • Sling bouyancy of up to 50N
  • 30 metre safety line of 8mm rope
  • Automatic water activation - 18g gas cylinder
  • Protective auto inflation cap
  • Manual inflation override
  • Hard case option with lid / Soft case option with fold down neck
  • Carbine hook for extra strength and rapid line attachment
  • Oral tube
  • Velcro attachments for versatile fitting
  • safe working load - 175kg
  • High intensity fluorescent colourings
  • Retro tape
  • Re-arm and re-pack instructions
  • Land or water based rescue
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