Sorona Tableware

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The Palm Unbreakable Plate and Bowl Collection is revolutionary because:

  • Its method of manufacture enables a integral non-slip ring on the base.
  • Its advanced materials are BPA-free and Melamine-free, unbreakable, dishwasher safe, microwave safe for reheating, scratch resistant, safe and recyclable.


  • A new Dupont material that is 37% made from renewable corn waste.
  • Super-tough high-glass surface, high density, high weight.

Beautiful Design

  • The surfaces blend seamlessly from one curve to another.
  • The shapes are open and welcoming.
  • The shapes are beautiful to hold.
  • The toughness of the material enables the rims to be fine.
  • The outer shapes are slightly different to the inside ones.
  • The operating surfaces are flat.

Practical Shapes

    The edges of the plates are raised for easy holding and to restrain the contents. Similarly, the bowl is deep to restrain the contents and is tapered for easy holding. The collection stacks securely and efficiently for transport and for storage (often in boats or RV’s). The sizes fit in typical galleys and RVs and are a suitable size for outdoor use. They are suitable for children. The Plates have large effective area.

Coloured Integral Non-Slip Ring

    A non-slip ring is moulded on the base using 2-shot injection moulding.
    The non-slip ring acts as a coaster, protecting table surfaces from scratching and insulating from hot contents. When placed on a table, the soft non-slip material deadens the clank and enhances the pleasure in use. A great feature for children.
    A chemical bond between the 2 materials ensures that it cannot come off and importantly cannot collect debris from washing. In melamine plates and bowls with non-slip rings, the ring is stuck onto the base using a process that is difficult to control for accuracy and for gluing consistency. Rings can come-off and not be in correct position. There is a gap between the plates annulus and the ring which is almost impossible to wash properly and is a trap for unsightly and unhealthy debris and mould from washing.

Guaranteed Unbreakable

    Consumers will generally use ceramic plates unless risk of breakage is unacceptable or is a safety issue. This tough material when combined with robust design enables the collection to be guaranteed unbreakable in normal use. It can be thrown on the ground, dropped from a great height and it will bounce. It cannot be broken in the hand. Melamine is only break-resistant. This melamine plate shattered after dropping on its edge from less than 1 meter. It shattered into sharp pieces, creating a safety issue for bare feet and potentially damaging floors surfaces. Melamine plates are only break-resistant so only partially fill their primary role.

Guaranteed Dishwasher Safe

    The material used are able to withstand dishwasher temperatures and chemicals.

Microwave Safe for Reheating

    Food and liquids can be safely reheated. Melamine is not recommended for reheating because its surface is porous to water which turns to steam in a microwave which can crack the plate.

Scratch and Stain Resistant – a key innovation

    The tough surface is highly scratch and stain resistant. This has been enhanced using the same coating technology found on computers and phones to make them scratch resistant. This combination overcomes the scratch-resistant constraint normally associated with plastic, making it a viable, long-lasting and superior alternative to melamine.
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Port Solent
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