Barton Traditional Series 5 (54mm) Cruiser Blocks

£ 14.95 - £ 29.95


This range of high load cruiser blocks are of rugged construction, featuring high quality injection moulded side plates with all load-carrying components from 316 grade stainless steel. Side plates are through-bolted and riveted for added strength and security.

This good looking and versatile range is designed for use on large cruising and racing yachts. All are designed for ease of use with Barton’s ball-bearing mainsheet traveller systems.

A comprehensive range of cam cleat, fiddle and fiddle & cam cleat versions are available.


  • Sheave Size (Single): 54mm x 17mm (2 1/8 x 5/8″)
  • Sheave Size (Fiddle): 38mm/64mm x 17mm (1 1/2 and 2 1/4 x 5/8″)
  • Max Rope Diameter: 12mm (7/16″)
  • Safe Working Load: 750kg (1650lbs)
  • Break Load: 1500kg (3300lbs)
  • Max Rolling Load (Ball Bearing Blocks): 525kg (1157lbs)

Available with plain or ball bearing sheaves.

Plain Bearing Blocks
Barton plain bearing blocks have a precision moulded acetal sheave running on a large diameter brass bearing, ensuring free running under the highest of loads.

Ball Bearing Blocks
With Barton’s unique super-low friction ball race systems, featuring acetal sheaves and delrin ball bearings, running on a large diameter centre boss. This allows Barton to fit more load-bearing balls, which ensure extremely low friction performance, even under high loads.

Break Loads
Where break and safe working loads are stated, it is assumed that all sheaves are evenly loaded as in a purchase tackle. Uneven loading, or loading of one sheave in a double or triple block, will severely affect strength quoted.

Maximum rolling load on ball bearing blocks is the maximum free running load before ball bearings will distort.

Fixed Eye
With plain attachment eye.

Reverse Shackle
Removable shackle that can be set in-line or at 90° to the sheave.

Fully swivelling head with removable shackle.

Snap Shackle
With a cast stainless steel swivelling snap shackle. Ideal for quick-release downhauls or vang tackles.

Variloc Multi Head
Allows swivel to be locked at 30° positions in relation to sheave. Inverting the plastic locking piece converts the swivel mode. Supplied with screw pin strip shackle.

All the appropriate 54mm blocks are available with or without becket.

Stand Up
Features a flexible plastic spring for anti-tumble action. Base Ø 67mm. Fastenings 6mm.

Cam Cleat Blocks
Fitted with Kevlar “K” cams. Stainless steel cam arms are fully adjustable by moving the locking clevis pin to achieve the correct cleating angle. Used in conjunction with the relevant top block , this range of blocks is particularly useful for mainsheet vang tackles or powerful downhauls.

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Part   Length  | Weight (Plain)  | Weight (Ball Bearing)
Single Fixed Eye   107mm   154g   140g
Single Fixed Eye + Becket   130mm   177g   163g
Single Reverse Shackle   130mm   178g   164g
Single Reverse Shackle + Becket   150mm   204g   189g
Single Swivel   130mm   197g   183g
Single Swivel + Becket   153mm   220g   206g
Single Snap Shackle   142mm   263g   247g
Single Stand Up   140mm   347g   329g
Single Variloc + Becket   148mm   218g   205g
Double Reverse Shackle   125mm   274g   275g
Double Reverse Shackle + Becket  
Part Number
Part / Sheave
Port Solent
Double Reverse Shackle / Ball Bearing Sheave
Triple Swivel + Becket / Plain Sheave
Fiddle Reverse Shackle / Ball Bearing Sheave
Fiddle Variloc / Ball Bearing Sheave
Fiddle Variloc + Becket / Ball Bearing Sheave
Triple Swivel + Cam / Plain Sheave
Triple Swivel + Cam / Ball Bearing Sheave