Sunwise Greenwich Sunglasses

£ 49.99


Sunwise successful innovation Polafusion spearheads a new product range responding to market demand for high performance sports polarised eyewear.

Greenwich Black offers highly efficient and impact resistant polarised protection lenses, with all the interchangeable lens options. Wider lens coverage provides further protection to your eyes from sunlight, wind, sand and flying objects. The super flexible lightweight frame is also suitable for larger faces.

We are surrounded by dazzling light and not just directly from the sun, also from reflected light. Sunwise® Polafusion with its unique polarised polycarbonate lens system, filters out this potentially damaging light, providing a protective shield and 100% unimpaired vision.

Sunwise® Greenwich Polafusion features:

  • Polafusion superior optical performance with natural colour contrast.
  • The Polafusion lenses are impact resistant and tolerant to extremes of temperature.
  • The polarised polycarbonate lens system makes them robust and durable.
  • The polarisation filters any surface reflections of light.
  • Bulldog Anti-Scratch hard coating.
  • Colour stability over long periods of wearing.
  • 100% protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Interchangeable options.
  • The polycarbonate frames are lightweight, robust, durable and flexible.
  • Wrap-around lenses give greater protection.
  • Rubber nose pads and sleeves for maximum comfort and a secure fit.
  • Flat arms profile perfect for wearing under a cap or helmet.
  • Made in Great Britain.
  • Part Number
    Size / Colour
    Port Solent
    1 Size / Black
    1 Size / White