Scrubbis Hull Cleaning System

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The Scrubbis Hull Cleaning System is an innovative tool to clean the boat hull in a timely and effective manner. The cleaning head has a buoyancy force (2kg) attached to the telepscopic handle, the head is equipped with flexible scrapers that effectively clean the hull.

The fouling is soft and has not hardened against the hull while the boat is still in the water. The buoyancy acting on the thin strip scrapers makes the scratch force very high and effective. It will also remove barnacles in the early stages.

Scrubbis is environment friendly. Using scrubbis instead of toxic paints is the solution to a major environmental problem. It’s foldable and easy to stow away in the boat with the detachable cleaning head and telescopic handle. Always available when needed!

Scubbis can make your boat up to 25% faster! A clean hull creates lower friction in the water.

A 35 foot sailing boat is cleaned within 15 minutes!

Suitable for all types of boats from sailing boats to motor boats, small boats to big boats over 15 tons.

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