MG Duff Aluminium Volvo DPS / SX-A Engine Anode Kit

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Volvo Penta SX & DPS Sterndrive Aluminium Anode Kit to fit Volvo Penta SX & DPS Sterndrives

These anodes are Aluminium/ Indium Alloy, so suitable for both Fresh & Saltwater.

Why Use Aluminium Anodes over Zinc?

As you may remeber from GCSE science classes, metals corrode in accordance with the Galvanic scale.

The further up the galvanic scale the material, the more it will corrode and therefore the more anodidic protection it will provide to the materials below it in the scale.

In this case, aluminium is higher up the scale than zinc. This means that it will protect more and earlier (remember, if your anodes arent wearing, they are not working!) than zinc anodes. Being further up the scale means more protection is given to the materials around the aluminium anode, i.e your expensive and easily corroded outdrive.

Other benefits include:

Self cleaning in fresh water
Lighter than zinc
Pollution free
Suitable for all water types
Wil protect any hull material without causing corrorsion
Lasts up to 50% longer than zinc

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