Blue Sea ST Blade Fuse Block

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Blue Sea ST Blade Fuse Block, 6 circuits with negative bus and cover.

Positive distribution bus with 10-32 stud. Can be used for 24-hour circuits. Cover satisfies ABYC/USCG requirements for insulation, incorporates an easy to open push button latch providing easy access to fuses, storage for two spare fuses, and label recesses that accept Blue Sea Systems” Small Format Labels for circuit identification. Fuse blocks with covers include 20 write-on circuit labels. Tin-plated copper buses and fuse clips. Accepts ring or snap fork type terminals. Accepts ATO® and ATC® fast acting blade fuses.


Circuits: 6
Maximum Amperage* : 100A per block, 30A per circuit
Maximum Voltage: 32V DC
Mounting: 8 Screw (M4)
Negative Bus: 10-32 Stud
Positive Bus: 0-32 Stud
Recommended Torque: 24 in-lb (2.71 N·m)
Screw Terminal Torque: 18 in-lb (2.03 Nm)
Screw Terminal Type: 8-32 Screws with captive star lock washer
Weight: 0.55lb (0.25 kg)

*Maximum amperage ratings are dependent on the use of appropriately sized fuses and wires for a given application

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