Dow Corning Sealant White

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An acetoxy silicone rubber sealant that fills and seals gaps and joints around the boat. It adheres to glass fibre, metal, sailcloth, glass, painted and vanished wood and a variety of plastics. Marine sealant can be used equally well in sealing gaps around hatches, port holes and windows, bedding in deck and hull fittings. Also suitable for locking nuts and bolts against vibration. Seals joints where pipes, trunking or machinery pass through decks or bulkheads, and where flexible watertight joints are required. Used to make gaskets insitu for water pumps, exhaust systems, etc. Is un-affected by immersion in salt or fresh water and is totally watertight.


All surfaces to be sealed should be clean, dry and grease free. Remove nozzle and cut off end of cartridge ensuring screw threads are left intact. Replace nozzle and cut tip to required width of seal at a 45° angle. To obtain a professional finish, mask the two substrates with tape. Ensure that the sealant makes full contact with both sides of the joint. Tooling of the seal, should be carried out within five minutes of application, by using a wet instrument such as a spoon or spatula. Remove masking tape immediately after tooling. NB It should not be applied to marine substrates that bleed oils, plasticizers.

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