Barton Boomstrut

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Barton Boomstrut

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Patented flexing spring provides fast response and a constant force for vang efficiency. The boomstrut's lightweight, low-profile design features two flexible coated fibreglass rods which provide the force to support the boom. Pulling the boom down with a conventional kicker causes the Boomstrut to flex upwards; releasing straightens the rods, thereby lifting and supporting the boom. There's no need to replace your existing hardware - the Boomstrut mounts independently inside the existing kicking strap tackle.
  • Maintenance-free, durable design
  • Eliminates friction and sliding parts.
  • Improved performance
  • Less weight and windage
  • Easy installation
  • Simple-to-follow instructions; the Boomstrut is supplied with complete fitting instructions.
  • Mast fitting can use existing luff groove
  • To eliminate drilling, the Boomstrut's mast bracket can be slotted into your mast's luff groove.
  • Contoured boom fitting - the Boomstrut's boom bracket is contoured to fit both round and flat boom profiles.
  • Carefully designed & constructed to eliminate sharp edges, minimise parts and provide trouble-free installation and use.
  • All parts are from high-grade stainless steel and Spectro grey anodised aluminium for good looks and durability.
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