Isotherm Refrigerator Cruise Elegance

£ 599.95 - £ 799.95


The Isotherm Cruise Elegance Fridge line is the next generation of Isotherm Marine Refrigerators that are designed to increase efficiency and deliver greater performance in the marine and mobile environments. The Elegance line is available standard with Silver doors that are two inches thick. This provides greater insulation where it is most critical. The silver color reflects sun heat and brushed aluminum panel has the appearance of stainless steel without the cost.

A magnetically sealed freezer compartment adds to the efficiency and performance characteristics of the Elegance Line by locking out frosting issues. With their ‘right size’ freezer dimensions, Elegance fridges allow storage of more food and beverages. The compact freezer size also allows for storage of tall bottles on the smaller fridges where bottles can stand upright on interior shelves.

Dimensions H x W x D (mm)

CR49 – 525 x 380 x 452*

CR65 – 528 x 450 x 470*

CR85 – 625 x 475 x 500*

* Depth does not include door – door is 50mm

Power Consumption (Watts per 24 Hours)

CR49 – 265

CR65 – 275

CR85 – 368

Power consumption W/24 h in operation on 12 V with +5°C in the refrigeration space, ambient temperature +25°C according to the Standards ISO 15502:2005 and EN 153:2006

Part Number
Size / Colour
Port Solent
49 Litre / Silver
65 Litre / Silver
85 Litre / Silver