Odesea Outboard Motor Trolly TX-65

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Traditional outboard motor trolleys are to large, heavy and difficult to use. They are almost impossible to carry around in the trunk of a car or stow away on a boat.

The NEW TX-65 aluminium outboard motor trolley is universal adjustable to perfectly fit any outboard engine up to 60 kg. The light weight and compact design make sure that the TX-65 can be put away anywhere with ease.

The solid square tube design and fastening mechanism gives the TX-65 the strength and stability to handle any outboard motor up to 60 kg safely and virtually without effort. The V-shaped tail piece will secure and protect the skeg.

Technical Specifications

  • Patent Pending
  • Suitable for outboards up to 60 kg
  • Full aluminium construction
  • Ergonomic design, very easy to use and stable base
  • Unique reducible construction
  • Lightweight yet strong and stable
  • Adjustable handle, height and track
  • Waterproof bearings
  • Also suitable for longtail engines
  • Weight 4 kg
  • No corroding materials used
  • No welding used
  • Easy one time assembling
Part Number
Port Solent