Smooth Sail Lubrication

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Smooth Sail 20 Sail and Track Lubricant is a liquid-based lubricant for silky smooth sail handling on yachts and dinghies.

Apply directly to sails, the luff, the leach and the foot as well as the spinnaker chute and any tracks that may be on the boat.

Smooth Sail Effects and Advantages:

  • Sail fitting and changing made easy
  • Lubricates and eases sail handling in luff and foot grooves
  • Facilitates smooth running of sail slides
  • Aids faster sail hoists, drops and reefing through reduced abrasion
  • Reduces sail damage caused through chaff
  • Easily achieved stronger sail tensions with reduced effort
  • Reduces salt water corrosion and sail cloth stiffness in sail tracks
  • Handy trigger spray ensures targeted application and concentrated coating
  • Can be applied directly to luff and foot of sail
  • Also suitable for easing fitting of canvas dodgers, spray hoods and as general marine fittings lubricant
  • Environmentally friendly as no aerosol propellants, solvents or toxic chemicals
  • Contents: 500 ml
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