Dometic Greencare Tabs

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Especially environment-friendly additive for the waste holding tank. Breaks down waste into liquid and prevents unpleasant odours.

Powerful and environmentally friendly.

Packaged in soluble foil wrapper.

Only 1 tab necessary per tank.

Suitable for all mobile toilet systems.

Convenient, space-saving storage.

Dometic GreenCare Tabs – the new way to dispose of solid waste without harming the environment. The sanitation tabs have ingredients that are especially friendly to the environment and they’re also just as practical and effective as Dometic’s well-known PowerCare tabs. The green tablets are lightweight, precisely pre-dosed and take up little storage space. They can be used for all mobile toilets and quickly break down waste into liquid while preventing the formation of gas and unpleasant odours. Simply add them to your holding tank in their foil wrapper.

The highly effective additive for the waste holding tank is easy to use, they are pre-dosed in a soluble foil wrapper: a single tablet is sufficient for use in a full tank (approx. 20 litres). The tab reliably breaks down the content and facilitates disposal. The packets weigh significantly less than bulky bottles and require minimal storage space.

The Dometic Care product line stands for immaculate cleanliness. Perfected to the needs of motorhome and caravan enthusiasts, the tabs do away with dirt, scale and odours. They are extremely easy-to-use and good for the environment. Dometic GreenCare and PowerCare Tabs remain effective even in frost, which makes them indispensable for winter campers. GreenCare Tabs also come in reclosable jars for practical, clean and safe use.

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