Fusion DAB Module with Antenna

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The new MS-DAB100A module offers users a plug-and-play converter for existing FUSION stereo systems, allowing access to the latest DAB and DAB+ radio stations. Gaining in popularity, DAB stations now service 94% of the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavia, with more stations moving to the format regularly. The FUSION DAB module is IPx3 rated and, like all FUSION Entertainment components, is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Installations are discreet as the unit has a compact footprint and the included adhesive pad or screw-mounted bracket make set-up easy.

Compatible with UD650 UD750 AV650 AV750 RA70 RA70N BB100 BB300R RA205

Note: Support for the DAB Module requires a software update to both the stereo and the module. You can find the update here https://www.fusionentertainment.com/marine/support/software-updates

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