Icom HM195G Command Mic for M423

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The new optional Icom COMMANDMIC, HM-195G, makes it convenient for using the IC-M423G from a separate cabin or tower. The HM195G COMMANDMIC can be positioned up to 18.3m (60ft)* away from the IC-M423G. All functions of the IC-M423G, including power switch, distress call, DSC, and PA functions can be controlled from the COMMANDMIC. The COMMANDMIC can also be used as an intercom with the IC-M423G.

* Two OPC-1541 optional cables are required for 60 ft installation (see accessories).

Other features

  • IPX7 Submersible Protection (1.0m depth for 30 minutes)
  • Class D DSC full control capability. DSC Distress button on the back of the unit
  • Large 45mm (d) speaker for superior audio
  • New white backlight LCD matches modern leisure boat design.
  • Supplied with 6m of cable

In the box:
(1) Connection cable (OPC-1540*: 6 m; 20 ft)
(2) Mounting base 
(3) Connector cap
(4) Microphone hanger
(5) Screws (M3 × 16 mm; self-tapping)
*The OPC-1540 has external speaker leads, as illustrated to the right.
(Yellow: Speaker (+), Black: Speaker (–))

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