Hella Marine Euro LED White Shroud White Light Out

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Hella Marine introduces the EuroLED® interior lamp, combining the power saving benefits of single LED technology with precision optics. This new multi-purpose LED lamp provides impressive light output and energy efficiency.
EuroLED® interior lamps consume 30% of the energy required to operate a traditional 10W interior lamp. MultivoltTM technology provides consistent illumination and circuit protection from 9-33V DC, even under severe voltage fluctuations.
The durability of EuroLED® interior lamps is second to none. Each lamp is completely waterproof, impact resistant and shock resistant, ensuring an ultra long service life.
EuroLED® interior lamps are the answer for completely sealed, ultra reliable and energy efficient lighting on powerboats and yachts. Completely sealed unit with robust mounting system.


  • Light Source: Single LED.
  • Installation: Pre-wired with 2.5m of marine cable.
  • Operating Voltage: MultivoltTM 9-33V DC.
  • Protection: Over Voltage, Reverse Polarity, and Spike Protected.
  • Degree of Protection: IP 6K6 6K7.
  • Mounting: Surface mount.
  • Power Consumption: Less than 4W.
  • Dimensions: A: Ø 129.5mm – B: 29.5mm.
  • Part Number
    Port Solent