Masthead Led Bulbs Replacement

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Masthead Led Bulbs Replacement


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The Bay15D 50 LEDs Replacement Bulb will replace your conventional glowing bulb instantly converting your navigation lights into LED navigation lights for boats up to 20 metres. Available colours are White, Red, Green, Two Colour Red & Green and Three Colour Red, Green & White to fit all versions of the navigation lights. The LED bulbs consume just 3.5 Watts and have the same light output as the conventional 10 Watt & 25 Watt glowing bulb. They are insensitive to the movements and vibrations of the ship and future a life-time over 50.000 hours. Normally LEDs need to be wired the right way to ensure polarity but as this light has a built-in diode bridge it does not matter which way you have connected the positive and negative poles to your navigation light fixture. As most of the navigation lights always leak a little the Bay15D LED bulbs are waterproof. The Two and Three Colour Bulbs standard come with a Bay15D holder to replace your standard holder. This holder you will need for placing the two and three colour bulbs as you can turn the holder until the colours of the LED bulb are placed in the same direction as the coloured lens of your navigation light.
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