Seago Dynamic ProSensor Lifejacket

£ 149.95


Seago’s completely redesigned flagship lifejacket, combining a range of new features in one lifejacket that ensures elite performance and safety together with maximum comfort.

The 3Dynamic incorporates innovative design and technology advances bringing to the world the Rapid Buckle, Cylinder Safe and S Design lung together with LED multi flash light, spray hood and pocket for your knife. This means everything that pro and enthusiast customers need is close at hand.

The pro-sensor firing mechanism with viewing window as standard ensures you can visibly assess the status of your lifejacket. This, together with the cylinder safe fitted as standard, illustrates safety as Seago’s first priority.

The lifejacket design features a neoprene collar to maximise comfort.

High grade, abrasion-resistant polyester D-ring gives you a convenient way to safely clip yourself to the craft.

190 or 300N buoyancy rating.


  • Designed to fit chest size 55-140cm, and weight 40kg+.
  • Pro sensor firing head
  • 190 or 300 Newton buoyancy
  • Integrated harness
  • Colours: Carbon & Black
  • S type lung design for reduced wash in the water
  • Neoprene collar
  • ‘Cylinder safe’ to keep the cylinder tightly screwed in
  • Double crotch strap
  • Pocket
  • Spray hood
  • UML Multi Flash Lifejacket Light
  • Zip fastening
  • 38g CO2 cylinder
  • Chest size 55-140cm
  • Weight 40kg+
Part Number
Size / Colour
Port Solent
190 / Carbon/Black