OceanAir Port Shade

£ 74.95


100% back out roller shade system for portlights. Simple installation includes all mounting hardware. Can mount above or below portlight. Colour: silver.

PORTSHADE is an ultra–slim cassette roller blind, suitable for even the smallest portlights. It can be used for vertical or horizontal surfaces, with the added benefit of also being well suited for curved surfaces. PORTSHADE is easy to fit and comes in a range of standard sizes.

  • 100% blackout fabric
  • 100% marinised for the harshest environments
  • Simple installation, all mounting hardware included
  • Custom sizes available by special order
    size1 340mm (13 3/8″) 280mm (11″)
    size2 380mm (15″) 280mm (11″)
    size3 460mm (18 1/8″) 320mm (12 5/8″)
    size4 660mm (26″) 320mm (12 5/8″)

  • Part Number
    Size / Colour
    Port Solent
    Size 4 / Silver