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Garmin BlueChart g3 Charts Regular Size. BlueChart g3 is Garmin’s advanced chart offering, providing worldwide cartography information and features that are reliable and easy to use.

HXEU001R – English Channel

British coast: covers from Felixstowe to the Isles of Scilly, including Dover, The Solent, and the Isle of Wight. Also covers the River Thames from Twickenham to the North Sea. French coast: covers from Dunkerque to L’Aber Wrac’h, including Rouen and the Channel Islands

HXEU002R – S/E England-Belux Inland Waters

Detailed coverage of the south-east UK shores, part of the North Atlantic coast in Europe and also including some of the most popular Belgium and Luxembourg inland waterways, joining the French and Dutch river and canal network. Coverage includes the eastern UK coast from Scarborough to Shoreham including the River Thames up to Teddington, the northern European coast from Le Havre, FR to Amsterdam, NL and numerous interior rivers and canals including the Seine, the Somme, the Meuse, the Oise and the waterways network for Belgium and Luxembourg. Ports include Goole, London, Ramsgate, and Dover in the UK, Rotterdam, NL and Antwerp, BE and many others.

HXEU003R – Great Britain, Northeast Coast

Covers from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland to Bridlington Harbour, England, including Gairloch, the Shetland Islands, Edinburgh, and North Sea offshore charts. Also includes the Caledonian Canal, Loch Linnhe, and Loch Ness.

HXEU004R – Irish Sea

British coast: covers from Port Ellen on the Isle of Islay to Falmouth, including the Isle of Man and the Isles of Scilly. Irish coast: covers from Sheep Haven to Caherciveen, Republic of Ireland, including Londonderry, The Storks, Belfast, and Dublin.

HXEU005R – Ireland, West Coast

Detailed coverage of the north and western coasts of Ireland from Cork to Belfast including the entire Shannon Inland and Shannon-Erne Waterways, Galway Bay and Lough Neagh. Also included is the southwestern Scottish coast from Colonsay to Campbeltown.

HXEU006R – Scotland, West Coast

Scottish coast: Covers from the Isle of Lewis and Loch Bervie to Campbeltown Harbour and Girvan, including Glasgow, Ayr, and the islands of Skye, Arran, and many others.

HXEU008R – Bay of Biscay

From Binic, France to Cabo Finisterre, Spain.

HXEU009R – Portugal & Northwest Spain

From Gijón to Cadiz and Sevilla, including the entire coast for Portugal

HXEU010R – Mediterranean Sea, Genova-Ayamonte

Detailed coverage of the entire Spanish and French Mediterranean coast from the Straight of Gibraltar to La Spezia, IT. Includes coverage of Corse, the northern part of Sardegna, and the Islas Baleares. Also covers the northern coasts of Morocco and Algeria from Larache, MA, to Bejaia, DZ.

HXEU012R – Mediterranean Sea, Central-West

Detailed coverage of the Mediterranean coast from Llafranc, ES to Crotone, IT including the coasts of France, Monaco, and the west coast of Italy. Also includes detailed coverage of Lago Maggiore, Lago di Lugano, Lago d’Iseo, Lago di Como and Lago di Garda in northern Italy. Island coverage features Corse, Sardegna, Sicilia, and Malta.

HXEU013R – Italy Southwest & Tunisia

Italian coast: from Isola d’Ischia, south to Reggio Calabria, northeast to Brindisi, including Sicilia and southern part of Sardegna. African coast: from Golfe de Bejaia, Algeria to Banghazi, Libya.

HXEU014R – Italy, Adriatic Sea

Detailed coverage of several Italian lakes, the Po River and the Adriatic coast of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, the western coast of Greece and southern Italy. Coverage includes eastern Sicily, the Straits of Messina, the Dalmatian Coast, the Gulf of Taranto, Lago Maggiore, Lago d’Iseo, Lago di Como and Lago d’Garda.

HXEU015R – Aegean Sea & Sea of Marmara

Including all of the Greek coast and Aegean Sea; Turkey from Istanbul and Sea of Marmara to Antalya; and Brindisi, Italy.

HXEU016R – Mediterranean Southeast

From Güllük, Turkey east to include Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon and Israel, then west to Misratah, Libya.

HXEU018R – Benelux Offshore & Inland Waters

Detailed coverage of the lowest south-eastern coast of the UK, the North Sea coast of Europe and some of the most popular interior waterways of north-eastern France and the whole of Benelux. Coverage from Whitstable to Folkestone in the UK and Calais, FR to Emden, DE on the continental Europe including the Waddenzee, the IJsselmeer, the River Meuse, the Moselle River to Argancy and the Rhein River to Koblenz among the many other i

Please note: All charts come as a mirco SD inside an SD card adaptor.