Crewmedic First Aid Kit Smartpouch 180-S

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The Crewmedic 180-S is packed in a water resistant floating soft case

The Smart Pouch is wall mountable and can be accessed using only one hand should the other be injured.
Contains 30min white Snaplight for use in the dark.
Ideally suited as a general kit for most coastal and cross-channel vessels.


  • Antiseptic Wipes x10
  • Assorted Plasters x25
  • Safety Pins x10
  • Eye Bandage x2
  • Sterile Eye/Wound Wash x2
  • Large Adhesive Wound Dressing x5
  • Burn Aid Gel x1
  • Quickfix Finger Bandage x1
  • Resuscitation Aid x1
  • Vinyl Gloves x2
  • Triangular Bandages x2
  • Med & Large Sterile Dressings 18×18 x1 12×12 x2
  • Knuckle Plasters x10
  • First Aid Guidance Notes x1
  • Instant Ice Pack x1
  • Foil Thermal Blanket x1
  • Crepe Bandage x5
  • Gauze Swabs x5
  • Burn Aid Dressing x1
  • Part Number
    Port Solent