Barton 2:1 Purchase Kit

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Pre-packaged mainsheet systems with all components required in one complete kit – sliding bolt track, traveller, end fittings, plastic end caps, pilot track and full fitting instructions.

Travellers, end fittings and track are all extruded from top quality marine grade aluminium and finished in our unique ‘Spectro’ grey anodised finish.

Sliding bolt track allows for a smooth, clean profile and also makes retro-fitting easier as bolts can be slid along the extrusion to match existing fastening holes.


  • Two sizes – for yachts up to 11m LOA (36ft)
  • 2:1 purchase systems
  • Recirculating precision ground delrin ball system


Size  | Max Boat Size  | Track Width  | Track Length  | Max Control Line  | Safe Working Load  | Fastenings
Size 1   8.5m (28.5ft)   20mm   1.4m   6mm   500kg   5mm
Size 2   11m (36ft)   26mm   1.6m   8mm   700kg   6mm

Size Guide

  • Size 1 for yachts up to 8.5m (28.5ft)
  • Size 2 for yachts up to 11.0m (36ft)

Suggested boat sizes are given as guidance only and assume a monohull with boom end sheeting, loaded vertically to the traveller.

Mid-boom sheeting and severely angled take offs can impose greater loads and suitable allowances should be made for this. If at all unsure of your choice it is important to seek further advice.

If you are close to the maximum boat size suggested, we would advise upgrading to the next size up.


  • Cleats at 70° on end fittings
  • 1.4m (size 1) / 1.6m (size 2) sliding bolt track
  • Traveller car with single shackle take off
  • End fittings (pair)
  • Plastic end caps (pair)
  • Pilot track & fitting instructions
Part Number
Port Solent
Size 1 (Yachts up to 8.5m)