Harken 40mm ESP 3 Sheave Deck Organiser

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Mount organizers with large fasteners directly through the sheaves. If you need an additional sheave, use the same holes and simply drill another hole to mount the longer organizer. Organizers are asymmetrical to keep them short, and may be double stacked to contain several lines in a small area. A spacer at one end keeps the outer line on the sheave. Match ESP mastbase blocks with organizers for a complete system. Harken ESP deck organizers can be stacked. Available with 40mm sheaves. Excellent for halyards. Full-saturation, Hardkote anodizing for durability.

Features: Sheave Diam. (in) 1 1/2; Length (in) 7 11/16; Weight (oz) 5.5; Height (in) 15/16; Max. Line Diam. (in) 1/2; SWL (lb) 3000; Breaking Strength (lb) 6000.

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Port Solent