Clamcleat CL223 Loop Cleat

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The Clamcleat CL223 Loop cleat is a nylon cleat for tensioning lines. Rigged onto a rope, the CL223 is quick to tension, easy to adjust and release.

Clamcleat have recently re-designed the CL223. The new shape is:

  • Slightly shorter. Slightly higher. No heavier
  • More generous opening at the top of the teeth, so it is easier for the rope to go into the teeth
  • Strength of critical sections has been maintained or increased
  • All changes have been functionally and structurally tested
  • Deeper area for knot to disappear under the cleat – hole sizes improved for easier rope threading
  • Sharp edges around front hole eliminated
  • Overall a more comfortable shape in your hand

Use to tension lines on badminton, volleyball; sports nets; covers; tents & canvas structures; radio masts or boat covers. It can be used for suspending curtains and tensioning banners in a theatre. The CL223 is ideal for holding small boat fenders.

Made from outdoor grade nylon. Completely corrosion proof. Availabe in black. Packaged with instructions.


  • Rope Diameter: 3-6mm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Length: 52mm
  • Width: 16mm
  • Height: 39mm
  • Weight: 18g
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