Sunwise Kennington Sunglasses

£ 37.99


The Kennington Sports Sunglasses are part of the Sunwise Sports and Outdoor Interchangeable Lens range. The Kennington glasses come with a pack of four interchangeable polycarbonate high definition, lightweight and shatter proof lenses in Clear, Yellow, Orange and brown silver flash mirror. The lightweight versatile half frame design means you have obstruction free peripheral vision and the very best visibility for a variety of sporting and leisure activities. Their adjustable nose pads provides flexibility to custom fit the glasses to any face shape or size. They can be worn for long periods of time. The Kennington also features wide lens coverage to give extra protection for your eyes from wind, sand and flying objects. The durable frames also have flat arms so they can be worn under caps and helmets.

Part Number
Size / Colour
Port Solent
1 Size / Black