Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner

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A 500g tub is enough to clean all of a 10m boat from the waterline up including the deck and inside the boat too. It cleans fibreglass, stainless steel fittings, timber, Plexiglass windows and fenders.

Why do boat owners love Vistal?

  • It’s very effective at shifting stubborn dirt all around a boat.
  • The handy sponge gets into difficult-to-reach edges and uneven surfaces i.e. non-slip decks.
  • It’s a great RIB cleaner – works on Hypalon and PVC rib tubes.
  • Handy to keep on board – it’s compact and can’t spill.
  • It can be used inside your boat too.
  • It’s safe to use without gloves, has a neutral pH, contains no phosphates and is fully biodgradeable.

What is it used for on boats?
Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner removes stubborn waterline stains, oxidisation, yellowing, exhaust marks, rust stains, black streaks, algae and lichen spots from fibreglass gel coat and rib tubes. It also cleans stainless steel fittings, painted and varnished surfaces, Plexiglass windows and the windows of spray hoods, cockpit enclosures etc., upholstery, fenders, timber, chrome and aluminium.

It leaves a coat of glycerine which gives and even, streak-free shine and forms a protective layer which helps to keep the surface clean – water beads off. To protect the surface further a commercial wax or polish can be applied on top.

It can be used inside the boat too to clean internal fibreglass surfaces, headlinings, vinyl and leather upholstery, cooking hobs, sinks, corian surfaces etc.

How is it used?
Dampen one of the two sponges provided and wipe it across the product a few times. Squeeze the sponge to make a foam. As you clean dirt comes off onto the sponge so rinse the dirty sponge regularly with clean water. To remove the residue on the cleaned surface either rinse it with cold water or wipe it off with a damp or dry cloth. If necessary buff to a shine with a dry cloth. Preferably let the product dry before closing the container.

Vistal is listed in the Green Directory of the Royal Yachting Association’s Green Blue Initiative.

Box contains one 500g tub of Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner and two sponges.

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