Rutland HRSi 12v/24v Regulator for 504, 914i & FM910-4

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The HRSi conveniently brings together a Rutland Windcharger charge regulator with an input for up to 160Watts of photovoltaic panels in a single easy to install device. Multi-stage charge control delivers appropriate charge levels required to ensure your batteries get the maximum power they are able to retain and remain float charged. Suitable for charge regulation of the Rutland 504, 914i & FM910-4 Furlmatic model windchargers.

Dimensions:    Product 130 x 80 x 42 mm

Tri-Colour LED indicating battery voltage:  
Green >13V (26V)
Amber >12V & <13V (>24V &<26V)
Red Battery Low <12V (24V)
Flashing Red Battery Very Low <11V (22V)
Part Number
Port Solent