Raymarine Evolution Wheel Pilot including P70s

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The Raymarine Evolution Wheel Pilot is engineered for simplicity. Evolution autopilots from Raymarine eliminate the need for complicated set up and calibration. Once Evolution is installed, getting started is as easy as switching the autopilot on.

Maximum recommended laden boat displacement: 7,500kg (16,500lbs)

Thanks to the intelligent EV sensor core, the Raymarine Evolution Wheel Autopilot automatically evolves and adapts to your vessel’s steering characteristics without any user adjustments.

At the centre of every Evolution system is the intelligent EV sensor core, a 9-axis sensor that monitors vessel motion in all three dimensions. The innovative EV sensor core combines advanced solid-state sensors with the Evolution autopilot processor into a single easy-to-install housing.

Mount the EV sensor core above or below decks, the rugged enclosure is fully sealed and built to IPX6 and IPX7 waterproofing and submersion standards.

Autopilot Control Heads
The p70S control heads feature vibrant colour displays and are powered by Raymarine’s intuitive LightHouse user interface.

LightHouse organises all options into simple menu structures and with Evolution’s quick setup process you will be up and running in minutes.

Designed for sailing yachts, the p70S offers simple 1 and 10 degree direct course change push buttons.

Comes with:

  • P70S Control Head (with sun cover)
  • ACU-100
  • EV-1
  • MK2 Wheel drive unit
  • Evolution cabling kit (1 x SeaTalkng Power Cable (0.4m), 1 x SeaTalkng Backbone Cable (5m), 1 x SeaTalkng Spur Cable (0.4m), 1 x SeaTalkng 5-way Connector Block, 2 x SeaTalkng T-piece Connector, 2 x SeaTalkng Terminator)
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Port Solent