MG Duff Zingard Spray

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Zingard is a one component cold applied zinc coating which contains a minimum of 96% pure zinc when dry, providing cost effective and reliable long lasting corrosion protection to all ferrous metals. Its dry layer contains a pure zinc content of more than 96%, as well as synthetic resins which allow the electrochemical bonding of the zinc to the metal. ZINGARD is non-toxic and free from xylene, toluene, Methyl-Ethyl-Keton (M.E.K.) and methylene chloride.

Zingard is safe and easy to use. It hardens on metal surfaces and its excellent flexibility and adhesion prevents peeling off, with exceptional resistance to mechanical shocks, abrasion and erosion. Zingard allows subsequent touch-up as it thoroughly mixes with any previously applied Zingard coat. Further coats of Zingard can be applied as soon as the first is dry which takes anywhere from ten to sixty minutes depending on ambient temperatures. Zingard can also be recharged as part of a regular service program, existing applications can be directly covered with a new layer regardless of the age. The old layer will re-liquidise and fuse together to form one single homogenous layer. Zingard can be used to re-load existing galvanizing or zinc thermal spraying to boost the cathodic protection.

Zingard can be overlaid with a variety of top coats without the need for etching or acid washing and is therefore an excellent primer in a duplex system. It will also withstand a pH range of H3 to pH11. Zingard is weldable to x-ray quality and is certified as non-flammable (BS476 parts 6+7). It is also approved by the BBA, MoD, DNV and certified for use with potable water BS6920 (2000). Zingard has an unlimited shelf-life and unlimited pot-life.

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