Manson Supreme Anchor

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Manson Supreme Anchor

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The Manson Supreme has earned an undisputable reputation worldwide as the highest holding - fastest setting anchor since 2006, when it first hit the market. The bonus design feature in comparison to more classical anchor designs is that the anchor was developed with a dual operation shank to enable use in rock and coral seabed types.

Recommended Boat Length (ft)
Manson Supreme (SUP015) 15lb/7KG: 18' - 30'
Manson Supreme (SUP025) 25lb/11KG: 25' - 35'
Manson Supreme (SUP035) 35lb/16KG: 35' - 40'
Manson Supreme (SUP045) 45lb/20KG: 40' - 45'

The anchor has been reviewed by Lloyd's Register EMEA and it received a SHHP status, Super High Holding Power. The first and only production boat anchor in the world to do so.
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