Handy Dock Telescopic Boat Hook

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Quick mooring and simple release the Handy Dock makes boating easy.

  • Made of a unique hard plastic compound
  • Breaking strain of 1.5 tonnes
  • Jaw aperture of 30mm
  • Clip on
  • Easy release

Instructions For Use
1 – Tie your mooring line onto the Handy Dock
2 – Fix the Handy Dock to the Handy Dock boat hook
3 – Attach the Handy Dock onto the mooring ring just by pulling it
4 – Release the Handy Dock from its boat hook with a sharp tug. Your boat is now securely moored.
5 – To leave your mooring simply slip your boat hook into the Handy Dock trigger and pull! Handy Dock will release the mooring ring.
6 – Alternatively to slip your mooring from a distance, thread a light line through the trigger eye and pull.
The trigger mechanism can be locked with a padlock

Part Number
Port Solent