Lofrans X2 Windlass

£ 1,150.00 - £ 1,195.95


Lofrans’ X series vertical windlasses are suitable for anchoring sail and motor boats from 18-100ft in length. The X2 Windlass is available in the standard edition with drum as well as a low-profile version. Both have a 1000W motor size with 12V power supply. They come in hot-forged mirror-polished marine bronze.

X series innovation:

  • Watertight stainless steel ball bearings in the base mean a maintenance-free top performance functionality.
  • Clutch consisting of two conical discs, fitted on to the main shaft by two flat parallel planes, avoids the use of keys and spreading the load on a wider surface.
  • Pre-fitted base sensor and a magnet in the Gypsy allows for connection to an optional chain counter system.
  • Gypsy designed to manage rope and chain.
  • Independent drum rotation from Gypsy for warping operation.
  • Manual override, enabling windlass to recover the chain and anchor in the event of an electrical failure. The override
    mechanism is within the gearbox, made up by a spring loaded ratchet, with the secondary function of providing a safety mechanism that ensures the deck is not damaged by chain jams.


  • Luxury chrome bronze base and drum
  • Special watertight stainless steel ball bearing in base
  • With drum or low profile
  • Independent Gypsy and drum operation
  • Rope and chain combination Gypsy
  • Manual chain release
  • Manual override available
  • Rope chain management by spring loaded arm
  • Chain counter magnet pre-installed
  • IP67 rated heavy duty electric motor
  • Anodised marine aluminium gearbox
Code Circuit Breaker Construction Gipsy For Chain Gipsy For Rope Line Speed at W.L Max Line Speed Maximum Pull Motor size Net Weight Power Supply Type Amps at Working Load (A) Working load (kg)
473212 low profile 187333 Chromed bronze 8 mm, ISO 4565 14 mm, 3-strand 20 m/min 40 m/min 1000 kg 1000 W 24 kg 12 V With Drum 135 150
DIN 766
473213 With Dum 187333 Chromed bronze 8 mm, ISO 4565 14 mm, 3-strand 20 m/min 40 m/min 1000 kg 1000 W 23 kg 12 V Low Profile 135 150
DIN 766
Model A B C D E* F G H I J L
1000W 153 25-40 155 Ø76 95 232 73 260 162 134 165


Part Number
Size / Variant
Port Solent
8mm / Low Profile
8mm / With Drum