Collano Semparoc Polyurethane Adhesives

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Collano Semparoc polyurethane (PUR) adhesives are high performance adhesives. They are reliable glues that lightly foam in contact with the air to fill gaps between glued surfaces. With some practice and when used in the right place, polyurethane adhesives are unbeatable.

Polyurethane adhesives are:

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Cured adhesive has no health, safety or environmental implications

Use of polyurethane adhesives

  • Excellent filling capability with fibre reinforcement and light foaming
  • Fills assembly gaps
  • Special fillers yield a fivefold increase in joint strength
  • Consolidates porous materials at the adhesive interface


  • Gluing in chair legs, gluing in breaks in wood


  • Mounting kitchen countertops, installing porous materials such as particleboard

Moisture Resistant Adhesive Film

  • The adhesive film does not dissolve in water
  • Excellent resistance to repeated wet/dry cycles
  • The bond line, although water resistant, is breathable

Outdoor Applications

  • Balcony, facings, playground equipment, window shutters, etc.

Indoor Applications

  • Adhesive bonding in saunas and swimming pools


  • Heat resistance
  • Good for outdoor applications
  • Fire safety
  • A hard but not a brittle adhesive film
  • Furniture facings
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Port Solent
60 (800g)