Raymarine Wireless T113 Remote Control – Tacktick

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Not just a remote control, the Tacktick T113 from Raymarine is an independent, Micronet, wireless, palm sized display. With a dot matrix screen it not only shows you all the data in your system, but also incorporates a rolling road, as well as performance pages for uploads from your tactical software, and it can function as a remote control for your Micronet displays. You can add as many handsets as you need for the key members of your crew.

Key Features

  • Can be used with existing instrument systems even from other manufacturers
  • Palm sized
  • Easy to hold
  • Totally multifunction
  • Graphic multi-line display
  • Solar powered
  • No need to change

    Data displayed

  • Apparent Wind Speed/Angle
  • High Wind Alarm
  • True Wind Speed/Angle
  • True Wind Direction
  • VMG to Wind
  • Heading
  • Header or Lift Indicator
  • Tack Course
  • Boat Speed
  • Log/Trip Log
  • Average Speed/Max Speed
  • Speed Over Ground
  • Course Over Ground
  • Lat/Long
  • VMG to Waypoint
  • Distance and Bearing to Waypoint
  • Cross Track Error
  • Turn to Waypoint
  • ETA
  • Waypoint and XTE Alarms
  • Depth
  • Depth Alarm
  • Sea Temperature
  • Race Timer
  • Performance Data
  • Part Number
    Port Solent