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Tacktick T103 Speed/Depth (Triducer)

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Tacktick T103 Speed/Depth (Triducer)

RRP £845.00

£699.95  £664.95

Size: T103
Colour: Triducer

Tacktick T103 Speed/Depth (Triducer) Boxed set including:
  • T111 Dual Digital Display
  • T121 Hull Transmitter
  • T910 Triducer. The Dual Digital Display shows two lines of data simultaneously. It can be configured at any time to display any information provided by your transmitters. Data displayed Apparent Wind Speed/Angle High Wind Alarm True Wind Speed/Angle True Wind Direction VMG to Wind Header or Lift Indicator Heading Off-Course Alarm Tack Course Boatspeed Log Trip Log Average Speed Max Speed Trim Speed Over Ground Course Over Ground Lat/Long VMG to Waypoint Distance/Bearing to Waypoint Cross Track Error TTG Waypoint and XTE Alarms Depth Shallow/Deep Depth Alarm Sea Temperature Race Timer Combined Speed/Temperature and Depth Transducer Supplied with through hull housing and blanking plug.
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