NASA Clipper Compass Repeater

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The Clipper Compass Repeater has all the features of the master unit including the steering function and an independent off course alarm. Complete with 10 metre cable.

Steer to course function:

When the steering function is selected a series of chevrons accumulate showing the magnitude and direction of the steering error. To stay on course simply turn the wheel in the direction of the chevrons until they are extinguished. The steering sensitivity can be preset by the user. An off course alarm provides a safety feature when not at the helm. If the heading deviates by more than a preset amount then the alarm will sound.

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage Nominal 12v DC
Consumption, 25mA for display illumination max
1 degree display resolution
Display case size 110 x 110mm
Depth behind panel 30mm

Part Number
Port Solent