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Hercul-Easy Expanding Hose

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Hercul-Easy Expanding Hose








Attach the Hercul-Easy Hose to a tap and turn the water on. Then watch as your hose “grows”, increasing in length by up to three times. Turn off the water and it will automatically contract back in seconds.

Lightweight to carry, compact to store and easy to handle, it won’t tangle, twist or kink, with no risk of blowback at the tap. So sure of its strength, we had an independent lab test Hercul-Easy Hose against named brands, and the results were staggering. The lab was tasked to destroy it, subjecting it to a sustained program of abuse. The best of the others lasted 8 days, while the Hercul-Easy Hose kept on going and going and after 5 months, they admitted defeat and switched the machines off.

Lasting up to 18 times longer than similar hoses, it’s virtually puncture-proof, tear-resistant, practically burst-proof and it starts working at low water pressure, less than 1 bar where others need to be fully expanded and at 3 bar. Constructed for maximum longevity, strength and durability; with all-weather webbing that won’t crack in freezing weather, and connectors engineered from aluminium and coated with brass for years of hard wear.

  • Never kinks, twists, tangles, freezes or cracks
  • Lightweight to carry and compact to store
  • Durable construction for maximum strength
  • Virtually puncture proof and resistant to tears
  • Lasts 18 times longer than other hoses
  • Aluminium coated brass connectors
  • Works with low water pressure
  • Works with most Power washers up to 105bar
Size/ColourPart NumberStock AvailabilityPrice
25ft / Blue99585747 1 at 13/07 20:19 £19.95 Add to Basket
50ft / Blue99585761 2 at 13/07 20:19 £29.95 Add to Basket
75ft / Blue99585778 3 at 13/07 20:19 £39.95 Add to Basket
100ft / Blue99585785 3 at 13/07 20:19 £49.95 Add to Basket