ECS 12V Round Light White/Gold

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Hella Marine advanced LED courtesy lamps are an attractive, energy efficient, no maintenance solution for a variety of interior and exterior lighting applications. The main advantages are ultra low power consumption and a very long service life of 10,000 hours or more. Hella Marine LED lamps consume 10% the power of traditional bulb lamps, or less than 2W, this provides less strain on a vessels electrical system.

Due to the low power consumption advantages, LED lamps also generate substantially less heat than bulb lamps. This provides safer installation into composite materials where the heat output of traditional quartz halogen lamps may cause damage to the surrounding structure. Hella Marine LED courtesy lamps are 100% water, shock and vibration proof. They are also UV and corrosion resistant and are thus perfectly suited for the demanding marine environment. The lamps are completely sealed and maintenance free, and represent, FIT AND FORGET technology.

Advanced Hella lens technology provides a cool and even spread of soft light without glare or strain on your eyes.

Dimensions: A:75mm – B:6mm – C:50mm – D:13mm.

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